Student Safeguards

Child Protection / Health and Safety Statement


Recruitment and Selection of Instructors
Goshin Jutsu instructors involved in organizing and delivering classes and events for students under the age of 18 are committed to ensuring the safety of participants. All such instructors are appointed subject to receiving enhanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and registration with the Independent Safeguarding Authority from July 2010.

Named Contact(s) for Child Safeguarding Issues
At each class or event, one or more designated instructors who have specific responsibility for issues relating to safeguarding students are identified. Junior instructors and student ambassadors involved in the class or event are told to direct any concerns relating to safeguarding pupils to the designated teacher. The named contact will then follow the agreed procedure. If the designated person is the subject of any concerns, all those concerned are given the name and contact details of senior instructor of the art. Pupils will be advised to relay any concerns or questions to their Student Ambassadors or event organizers who will follow Child Protection Policy guidelines. If an instructor, junior instructor, parent or carer has any anxiety or suspicion about an adult working at a class or event, concerns must be brought to the attention of the designated person. Information about allegations or suspicions of child abuse will be kept by the designated person/people in secure files, and reported only to the senior instructor who is responsible for Child Safeguarding issues.

Code of Conducts/Practice
In order to ensure the safety of students and instructors involved in classes and events, the club have prepared codes of conduct/practice for students under 18, students over 18, junior instructors and instructors involved in classes and events. The Codes of Conduct/Practice set out what is expected from each person at any class or event.


Risk Assessment
A Risk Assessment document is prepared and reviewed for each class or event. Instructors are responsible for identifying any potential risks involved in an activity, and ensuring that steps are taken to minimize or remove them. As necessary participating students, junior instructors and instructors are made aware of potential risks, and the action taken to minimize them (i.e. emergency exits, procedure in the event of a fire, correct use of equipment and safe limits of stretching/exercise).


All those involved in the development and delivery of classes and events receive appropriate training in Child Protection and Health and Safety as detailed below:

Safeguarding Children
Junior instructors involved in classes and events are given annual training on the framework for Safeguarding Children. This training ensures that participants are familiar with the policies and detailed procedures in the supporting documents and includes detailed guidance on what to do if a child discloses an incident of abuse. Designated instructors receive additional and ongoing training throughout each year.

Health and Safety
Prior to each event, training is provided for all participants (instructor and junior instructors) on potential hazards and measures taken to minimize these hazards. This training is based upon a risk assessment document which is prepared for each individual class or event. For more information, refer to the individual risk assessment document for each event, available from the senior instructor.

First Aid
Prior to the delivery of classes and events, all junior instructors and instructors are given training in basic first aid techniques. First Aid kits are available at each class or event.


Instructors/junior instructors from participating clubs and styles are asked to observe a Code of Practice in order to further minimize any risk involved in running activities.

Produced by: Paul Judd,
Senior Instructor,
Goshin Jutsu,
April 2011.

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